Dog Kennels


Do you have dogs? Or just simply want the Mack Daddy of all Dog Kennels?

Our Dog Kennels feature:

  • LP Smartside Painted or Metal Siding
  • Metal Roof
  • Concealed Fasteners on Composite Flooring
  • Composite Flooring in Chain Link Area
  • Wire Protection on Windows
  • Insulated Roof
  • All Welded Hinges on Chain Link Doors
  • Ground Contact Treated Skids
  • Dog Door
  • FRP Floor on Interior Room .

Your pet will think he’s living in the Statesville Manor. Our Standard Sizes range from 6×8 Single to a 12×16 4 Run Dog Kennel. If you need a custom size please give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

Single Dog Kennels

8x8 Single Dog Kennel

6x8 Single Dog Kennel

8x14 Single Dog Kennel

Double Dog Kennels

8×8 Double Dog Kennel

8×14 Double Dog Kennel

Quad Dog Kennel

12×16 Quad Dog Kennel

Triple Dog Kennels

12×14 Triple Dog Kennel